Monument Signs

There is a wide range of signs you can utilize to make your organization easy to identify. Monument signs are among the most distinct outdoor signs you can employ.


What Are Monument Signs?


Monument signs are exterior structures that are used to identify the entrances to any type of organization with a physical location, including apartment complexes, churches, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, corporate headquarters, entertainment venues, housing developments, and more. While being eye-catching and visually impressive, monument signs are generally designed to capture the building they are representing.


It is important that you know what alternatives are available as you look for monument signs for your enterprise. Here are 2 of our most requested options:


Post and Panel Signs


These are beneficial for both single and multitenant facilities. Your post and panel sign system can be created using a broad range of materials. For high-end properties, you might want to consider carved sign foam or wood panels. On the other hand, there are many more straightforward alternatives when you are working with a tight budget.


Freestanding Architectural Signs


Monument signs are commonly used by single-tenant venues. These markers are fabricated using a selection of heavy-duty materials to ensure they can stand up against the weather. Monument signs can be custom designed to match your building with finishes like wood, stucco, brick, and stone. Use external spotlighting or internal lighting to make your facility visible at night.


If you are interested in any of the varieties of monument signs that SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa can produce, contact us at (707) 755-3151 or visit


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