Canopy Tents

We are right in the middle of Spring but Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to start thinking about outdoor display season. With street fairs, festivals, athletic events and farmers markets, all coming up, SpeedPro Santa Rosa is leading the way with canopy tents and displays galore. But that being said, we have clients that use canopy tents throughout the year here in California.

SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa offers sturdy, beautifully printed, portable canopy tents that provide shade as well as some valuable advertising space. They’re portable, and can be used almost anywhere, with the canopy surfaces providing a variety of places to print your logo, message or brand where it’s visible above the crowd.



Here are three important things to consider when purchasing your canopy tent:

  1. Size – 10’ x 10’ is a standard size and easiest to transport and set up/take down. But we offer other sizes, including 10’ x 20’ models.
  2. Durability – You get what you pay for, and while there are some lightweight options out there in the market, poles can literally snap (or bend), and it will almost always happen at the wrong time. Our canopies are heavier to move around (which is why we recommend the roller case or strong nylon bag), but they stand the test of time.
  3. Color and Impact – Our top of the line tents are fully printed with dye sublimation printing, allowing graphics on multiple surfaces in full color – from photo imagery to graphics.


Mentioned above, SpeedPro’s canopy tents are available with full custom printing. We also offer full back walls and half side wall kits, to provide additional wind protection or physical barriers to direct customers toward the front of your display. Not only that, but the full custom printing of the back walls and side walls, provide incredible marketing opportunities for your business.


Each kit includes frame, canopy top, tension ropes, soil/sod stakes, and carry bag with wheels. Available options include a hard shipping case and steel weighted base plates to secure the canopy on hard surfaces when soil stakes can’t be used. Also available, as mentioned above, are back wall and side wall additions.

Give us a call (707) 755-3151 to learn more about our range of tents – from square with pointed roof to curvy designs sure to grab focus at your next event. Or visit to see examples.


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