Choosing the Right Media, Part 2

After reading our blog, “Choosing the Right Media Part 1”, last month, now you have the knowledge of what media is and how to go about choosing the correct media for your project. The next step is introducing you to some of the media we have at SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa. First, we will go through three of our most popular media. These items include calendered vinyl, scrim banner, and poster paper. Next, we will introduce you to three of our specialty items – canvas, photo paper, and backlit film. Finally, a bonus media at the end. And please remember, the media that we have on this list is only a VERY small portion of what SpeedPro Imaging has to offer!


Popular Media:


Calendered Vinyl:

Calendered Vinyl is a media that has broad range for graphics that can be placed indoor or outdoor. Calendered vinyl generally has a long lifetime, but lasts slightly longer when placed indoors. This vinyl is best suited for flat area. The types of graphics best suited for this media are mounted prints. Though less common, this media can also be used for wall and floor graphics.


Scrim Banner:

Banners are one of our most in demand products, so making sure we have durable banner material is important. Our scrim banner is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Scrim refers to the thread configuration of the material. The scrim is durable, thus making this media great for long-term projects. Scrim banner may come in gloss or matte finishes, and are finished with grommets so you can hang the banner. Banners are typically used for occasions such as open houses, grand opening, and special events.


Poster Paper:

Poster paper is another great media that is perfect for a number of different projects. Poster paper can be used indoor or outdoor, but the lifetime of the poster changes with the environment you put it in. Posters that are put outdoors typically have a shorter lifetime, so they are good for graphics that are only needed for a short amount of time, such as a sale or upcoming event. When placed indoors, this media can last a very long time depending on how long you want the image. If you use the poster paper for a tradeshow graphic or for a fine art/photography, for example, they can last years. However, poster paper tends to be less expensive, so if you only need the graphic for a short amount of time, this media is still perfect for such projects.


Specialty Media:


Backlit Film:

Backlit film is a semi-translucent material that is designed to catch and diffuse light from behind the graphic. It is a high quality image with rich density that offers bright colors. This material is perfect for a graphic that you want to stand out at night. You can put it in a light box or apply it to the inside of a window, which allows this media to stand out night and day. You can also use this media for things like menu boards, tradeshow display, and point of purchase (POP) displays.


Photo Paper:

Photo paper is a versatile media that delivers vibrant, photo realistic prints. It is mostly recommended for indoor use, but can be placed outdoors as well. The types of application for this media include posters, POP displays, and fine art/photography decorations. Like poster paper, the images can be used for short-term and long-term projects depending on the environment and the type of graphic that you wish to print.


Floor Graphic Vinyl:

Our floor graphic vinyl is a media designed for many different types of surfaces that experience foot traffic. This media is made of durable material that is resistant to scuffing and abrasions. The surfaces this media can be placed on includes concrete, asphalt, sidewalk, floor, and even select wall surfaces. Floor graphics are great for short-term promotional graphics and for directing foot traffic. Applications for floor graphics include fairs, retail stores, sports arenas, parades, and other event areas with pedestrian traffic.




Cast Vinyl:

I explained first about Calendered Vinyl but I found it necessary to now talk about Cast Vinyl as a bonus media (even though this is one of our most used media’s here at SpeedPro Imaging in Santa Rosa). This is the Vinyl that we use on all vehicle wraps. We use it for more than just that though. Any smooth surface that is curved or has contours we will use Cast Vinyl. This is because Cast Vinyl has the ability to stretch and not try to go back to its original shape. This allows for easier installs, longer lasting vehicle wraps, and a better adhering media.


So there you have it, a brief introduction to a selection of media we have at Speedpro Imaging. As I stated earlier, these are just a few products we carry. Our media list is always growing and improving, so we will always be able to find the best media suited for your project. Hoped you enjoyed getting to know your media, learn more at .


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