Fleet Vehicle Graphics, Low Cost and High Impact


Driving through town or across country, your company’s brand identity will be seen by thousands of prospects — many of which will need your services today or in the near future.  Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Vehicle graphics are the best form of advertising you can buy!  Wraps offer the lowest cost, highest impact of any advertising medium and tremendously increase awareness and marketing power.  All of our fleet graphics designs are unique to you and your business, increasing your visibility and separating you from the competition.


Differentiate yourself from competitors and turn your fleet into MOBILE BILLBOARDS that go where you go.  Specialty wrap vinyl can enhance the appearance of your vehicle graphics for exposure at night.


Consider investing in Vehicle Wraps for your entire fleet.  Here are some benefits that come with that investment:

  • Uniform color and style for your entire fleet of vehicles
  • A common slogan, message or Brand
  • Rejuvenate your older vehicles to match the new ones
  • Volume purchasing will lower the cost of wrapping your fleet


While a full wrap will attract the most attention, SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa also offers various partial wraps including window perforations.  Call us today to see how we can transform your fleet of vehicles into graphic, mobile advertisements!


Window Graphics


SpeedPro Santa Rosa offers the widest selection of permanent and temporary window graphics for your retail storefronts, commercial vehicles, and entrance ways for creatively marketing your local business. These window decals can be easily installed and can be customized with your logo, relevant attention grabbing images, and your company’s marketing message.


One of the main advantages of see-through, clear window sign, which advertises one of your promotional campaigns, is that it will still allow the sunlight to cascade inside. There are different ratios for how much light you would like to allow in.


SpeedPro Santa Rosa offers several other options for graphics as well. You can choose an etched glass design that provides the look and appearance of a 3-dimensional affect for a more modern approach. The etched glass vinyl is also a stylish way to add a bit of privacy to pool, spa, study, or interview areas.


We also specialize in individual lettering in a variety of different fonts, styles, and sizes. These decals can be used for back windows of vehicles, and on front entrances to retail store fronts to show the hours of operation. We also offer full coverage vinyl panels without perforation.


Whatever marketing ideas that you have in mind for your retail storefront windows, SpeedPro Santa Rosa can quickly customize a solution for your professional graphics that is on time and on budget.


When you’re ready to attract more customers with eye-catching window graphics, give us a call at 707-755-3151.

Full Color Banners


Don’t just get a “banner”…get the RIGHT banner for your needs. We work with a variety of materials and finish banners with a range of variables to insure you get the right results for your needs and your budget. We produce banners as large as you could possibly dream- and everything is made in-house right here in Santa Rosa.


Our equipment produces sensational UV protected color graphics on banner materials, so don’t think you can only get block letters in one color. Top of the line technologies allow us almost unlimited creative abilities.


Full-color vinyl banners for portable, durable indoor/outdoor advertising, can be created in any size, and allow for a cost effective presentation. Banners are perfect for shows, special events, indoor or outdoor advertising, sponsorship programs and much more. Each banner is handcrafted to your content specifications.


SpeedPro Imaging banners include:

-Full Color Banners

-Retail Banners

-Vinyl Banners

-Mesh Banners

-Custom Banners

-Retractable Banners

-Outdoor Banners

-Indoor Banners


Banners can be printed on either matte or gloss media. Contact SpeedPro today to discuss powerful and persuasive graphics that convey the professional image that you require.

Digital Wallcoverings Vs. Painted Murals

20150508_144958 (2)

Whether it’s blazing your brand through a commercial space or softening the walls in the home you reside, the one choice you are certain to face in your re-design efforts is, wallcovering or paint. The decision is even more challenging when it has to be unique, custom, and without flaw. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing the options.



Digital Wallcovering:

Custom printed wallcoverings provide a durable and unique look that complement the other interior furnishings and fabrications. The greatest advantage is that these are digitally created and guarantee that your vision is an exact reality. A mix of color and pattern provides highlights that make a room breathe, bringing the dimensions and design of each interior object to life. Elegant finishings create a depth and a natural texture, adding a unique beauty to each wall surface. Custom printed wallcoverings are never limited in themselves, only by your imagination.

Painted Mural:

Paint is a limited medium for wall surfaces as it is often lacking depth, texture and clarity of a digital print. It is typically monochromatic, providing only an overt backdrop for the design of the space. You are greatly limited to the talent of the painter or muralist and the final result is never a certainty.



Digital Wallcovering:

The color and texture of custom printed wallcovering are consistent across the entire surface. Occasional nicks and scratches are virtually hidden within the beauty of the design and finishing. With limited maintenance and UV protection, digital wallcoverings will stay vibrant and maintain a clean, fresh, fade-free look for years.

Painted Mural:

Painted walls cannot hide the scuffs, stains, and discolorations that often occur in hallways, offices and public spaces. The only solution to these issues is repainting which is inconvenient and costly. The life cycle of a painted wall is a mere fraction of the durability of vinyl wallcoverings. Frequent painting will keep the costs high and the space in constant disarray.




Digital Wallcovering:

With no distinct odors and limited clean-up, custom printed wallcoverings can be installed during normal business hours. Wallcoverings can better compensate for imperfections in a wall or substrate, hiding nicks, scratches and other minor defects. Materials can always be ordered to the exact amount and when needed, surplus can be stored for a long period.

Painted Mural:

With noticeable fumes and the disorder that it creates, painting can literally close an area for an extended period of time. Often times the work will need to be done during off-hours, leading to expensive overtime. Neither latex flat nor gloss paints can hide minor imperfections in the wall, and this can lead to greater repair expenses. Paint has a short shelf life and must also be purchased in quantities that may be greater than needed amounts. Because of the frequent need to repaint, these expenses, health risks, and personal discomforts are repeated time and time again.



Digital Wallcovering:

Solid custom printed wallcovering will protect walls from most soiling materials. Stains can be removed easily from vinyl surfaces with a mild detergent. Scrubbing will not diminish the color, texture or beauty of solid custom printed wallcovering.

Painted Mural:

With flat latex paints, many stains will become permanent if not removed immediately. The painted surface can actually absorb soiling agents into its surface. While gloss or semi-gloss paints offer better cleaning characteristics, these protective finishes can be removed during scrubbing leaving a coating that lacks uniformity and visual appeal.





Digital Wallcovering:

Material = $3,000 – $5,000

Design = $500

Labor = $1,500 – $2,500

Refresh Rate = Every 5-7 Years

15 Year Cost = $10,000 – $24,000

*Based On 500 Square Foot Wall


Painted Mural:

Materials = $500 – $1,500

Design = $1,000 – $3,000

Labor = $3,500 – $7,000

Refresh Rate = Every 3 Years

15 Year Cost = $25,000 – $57,500

*Based On 500 Square Foot Wall

Happy Thanksgiving!

A thank you card with a gourd sitting on a fall leaf background, thank you

We would like to take a moment out of our day to thank everyone who makes what we do here at SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa possible. We would especially like to thank all of our friends, family, and clients; without you all, we would not be the premier Large Format Graphics Studio of Sonoma County. We are very thankful for all the business you give us throughout the year.


SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 24th and also the day after, November 25th (Thursday and Friday). We will be back up and running on Monday, the 28th of November!


Here’s to everyone having a wonderful Thanksgiving with our friends and family, and finding something we can all be thankful for.

What Should I Print On?

One of the most important things when it comes to your large format printing is picking the correct media for your project.  When it comes to media, there are many factors that play into picking the correct one.


Below is a list of our most common media, finishes, and recommended use:



Our most popular media, offers stunning resolution and is great for mounting on all substrates, such as Foam Core, Coroplast, and PVC.  “Cast” vinyl is also used on all of our vehicle wraps.  Available in Gloss or Matte.



Our most popular banner media.  Great for outdoor and indoor use.  Scrim refers to thread configuration.  Available in Gloss or Matte, can be finished with grommets and an adhesive hem or pole pockets.



The media of choice for all retractable banners.  Regular banner material will curl when attached to a retractable banner stand.  Our non curl pop-up media will never curl.  Available in Matte.



Hanging a banner on a large fence?  Mesh Banner is great for outdoor use, and allows wind to flow through the banner without the worry of a ruined graphic due to “wind pockets.”  Available in Matte.



Used for posters and sheltered outdoor graphics. Poster Paper prints well and resists creases and scratches.  Available in Satin.



Great for photographers, posters with images, and framed work.  Recommended for indoor use.  Available in Gloss.



Whether for a one-day event, interior decor, or a vehicle wrap, glossy decal vinyl is durable, washable, and removable.  Available in various adhesive strengths, and cut on our plotter for precision.



Please let us know if you have any questions about the media listed below:

– Window Perforation

– Back-Lit

– Double Sided Banner

– Block-Out Banner

– Canvas

– Textured Surface Vinyl

– Fabric

– And Many More!

Quick Trade Show Reminder


Trade shows provide exceptional means for a company to gain exposure with potential customers. SpeedPro Imaging Santa Rosa offers a variety of options for portable trade show displays. From mounted posters to retractable banner stands to a free-standing exhibit display system, we can help you create a memorable, high quality expo display.

Optimize your exposure and achieve your goals with innovative high quality, high resolution tradeshow displays, banners, banner stands, table top exhibits and signs customized by Speedpro Imaging.

You have three seconds. Period! That’s how long it takes a prospect to decide if they want to visit your Trade Show booth. That’s why it’s so important to create an impressive trade show display that successfully incorporates your marketing and branding efforts. Large, vivid images are a great way to get noticed.

Generate impact and interest at your next tradeshow or special event using portable displays and custom graphics by SpeedPro Imaging.